HOA & COA Management Services

Management’s function in a community association is administrative in nature. The Board is the principal policy-making body that sets policies, standards, procedures, programs and a budget. The management function is to carry out these Board decisions.

As your management company, we will assist your Board in implementing these programs. Our role can be as substantial or limited, as your particular community requires. One of the most important tasks we can perform for your association is our ability to remain neutral and impartial in implementing and enforcing Board decisions.

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A significant function required for the smooth operations of the association is an effective financial system. We will assist your Board in developing an annual operation and reserve budget, an effective assessment collection system, a properly managed disbursement process and preparation of monthly financial reports. As required by state law, a yearly financial audit by a Certified Public Accountant retained by the association to review financial statements is critical.

We will see that the proper procedures, standards and guidelines are in place for enforcement of the rules and regulations and that the appropriate process is sustained to identify and deal with violations in a timely manner. We will inspect the property once per month and more often at your request. We currently have a fully automated property inspection program called Reef Point which provides for immediate transmission of letters to property owners, thereby eliminating the delay of correspondence with residents about violation issues.

A routine inspection and maintenance program will be established for common areas and facilities to see that the common areas are maintained in compliance with local laws and ordinances. We will also undertake, directly or through contractors decided upon by the Board, the proper maintenance, repair and replacement of such properties, equipment and facilities.

The services that the association provides to its members are important and should be accomplished in a timely manner. We will make sure that items such as trash collection, security, outdoor lighting, utility services, and swimming pool services, as well as those services unique to your association are adequately performed.

Association communications are essential to effective management of a community. We will see that the appropriate systems are in place for communications with owners, renters, related neighborhoods, and municipal groups through communications such as periodic newsletters, annual reports, annual and special meetings, and periodic special notices. We also offer website implementation and updates so that even out of town owners can be current on association information.

We will coordinate and perform various general administrative services such as handling general correspondence, record keeping of legal documents, contracts and minutes, personnel management and administration of an effective volunteer leadership program.

Assistance and advice to the board in acquisition of products and services to protect association assets is very important. Appropriate insurance for the property must be obtained and maintained. Security systems and techniques must be in place and fully operational. Vandalism is costly.

We will provide input, assistance and advice to the Board on a wide range of policy deliberations, including award of contracts, development and adoption of a general management plan, adoption of annual budgets and programs, selection of professionals (such as attorneys and accountants), and adoption of standard operating procedures.